Our design consultants will help you display and preserve your artwork with a clear layer of protection against damaging elements such as indoor lighting and harmful UV rays. We offer a wide range of high quality True Vue® glass and acrylic products in two series: Standard Premium and UV-blocking Conservation materials.

When considering glazing, think “sunscreen for your art”.

Glazing Options:

  • Museum Glass®
    • 99% UV Protection, Anti-Reflective
  • Optium Museum Acrylic®
    • 99% UV Protection, Abrasion Resistance, Anti-Reflective, Anti-Static, Shatter Resistance & Safety
  • Conservation Clear Glass®
    • 99% UV Protection
  • Conservation Clear Acrylic®
    • 99% UV Protection, Shatter Resistance & Safety
  • Conservation Reflection Control® Acrylic
    • 99% UV Protection, Non-Glare
  • Conservation Reflection Control® Glass
    • 99% UV Protection, Non-Glare, Shatter Resistance & Safety
  • Premium Clear® Glass
  • Premium Clear® Acrylic
    • Shatter Resistance & Safety
  • Reflection Control® Glass
    • Non-Glare
  • Reflection Control® Acrylic
    • Non-Glare