Set your paintings or prints apart to experience fully their beauty without distraction. The proper frame is a window through which we observe the artist’s vision. For rare and precious works, we offer exclusive Preservation PlusTM framing, to preserve your enjoyment for a lifetime.

Preservation framing (also known as conservation framing) is a method where we envelope your artwork in a completely acid free environment. We use the highest quality mats, mounting boards and framing techniques to shield your valuable and sentimental artwork from the effects of acid degradation and harmful UV light. Our preservation framing allows you to remove the artwork from the frame at a later date, unharmed and unaltered, which will preserve the value of your artwork for years to come.

In addition to preservation framing, we offer museum framing, which is the highest form of protective framing available. Your FASTFRAME design consultant will help you decide which method is right for your artwork. Our preservation and museum standards are very high and have been independently scrutinized by industry expects for content, use of materials and framing techniques. With our preservation and museum framing we also offer free inspections every three years.

With your valuable and sentimental artwork, you can be sure it will be properly framed at FASTFRAME Sarasota. Please contact us to discuss your next framing project.

Accent the most important moments of family and friends with 3-D presentations that turn memories into heirlooms.

Preserve sports memorabilia, children’s art, trophies, prizes, awards, or any important treasures that you want to preserve and share in handsome shadowbox presentations to grace your walls, bureaus or countertops.

We also specialize in framing 3-D objects of all kinds from sports memorabilia, your spoon collection, antique plate or grandpa’s war medals. Whatever you need framed, bring it to us and we will frame them in a shadow box that you will be proud to display in your home.

At FrastFrame Sarasota, we can frame virtually anything. Feel free to contact us and find out.

Accent moments captured in time and turn your treasured memories into heirlooms that will be cherished in your family for generations to come.

Preserve every moment you hold dear in a professionally crafted custom frame, and display it with pride in complete confidence. Protect fragile photography from harmful aging elements that can cause irreplaceable photography to fade, discolor or tear. Ask your design consultant about conservation quality materials for maximum protection.

FASTFRAME Sarasota offers exclusive services for our corporate and commercial clients. Whether it’s providing multiple pieces of custom-framed artwork for an office, or preparing plaques or gifts for a corporate event, FASTFRAME Sarasota can help. Contact us to speak with a corporate sales representative and find out what FASTFRAME Sarasota can offer your business.